Sunday, December 15, 2019

Tree Hunting

Literacy News

The fourth grade students have spent the last few weeks reading nonfiction text, learning "3 BIG Questions" to ask themselves to better understand this text. These include: 1. What surprises me in the reading? 2. What does the author think I already know? 3. What has changed in my thinking after reading this text?

The students have been practicing using these questions as they have been reading about a country of their choice. The students have also started collecting facts about this country and will be working to show their new learning.

November Honorees!

Principal's Lunch: Serina Lang for demonstrating strong communication skills to share her learning with her mom at her conference.

Students of the Week: (November 8) Madison Bradford for reflecting on her own feelings and needs to communicate clearly about a problem and possible solutions. 
         Seeley Cota for being a leader by thinking ahead to plan for expectations, completing his reading log and following class routines.

Student of the Week: (November 15) Justin Ellerbee for developing a story about learning to play his trumpet, that shows responding with wonderment and awe, as well as persistence.

Student of the Week: (November 22) Waylon Mateja for working to manage his impulsivity in class for instructional gains.

October Honorees!

Principal's Lunch: Silas Drew has been showing persistent effort and metacognition to manage his impulses in class.  He has been reflective and works to apply new learning.
                                 Morgan Cooke strives to be a good friend to her peers and has shown strong effort in her classwork, applying past knowledge to her learning.

Students of the Week: (October 4) ALL 4th graders for being such attentive BIG Buddies, caring for the Little Buddies!

Student of the Week: (October 11) Atlas Hineman for presenting his ideas in reading class thoughtfully and respectfully, communicating with clarity and precision.

Student of the Week: (October 25) James Bean for working to manage his impulsivity, contributing thoughtful ideas to our literacy discussions. 

September Honorees!

Principal's Lunch: Willoughby Mateja for showing positive enthusiasm for her learning.  She is striving for accuracy in her work and works collaboratively with others.  Willoughby always has a smile on her face and a skip in her step.

Student of the Week: (September 6) Madison Bradford for showing strong effort in her classwork, asking clarifying questions.

Student of the Week: (September 13) Morgan Cooke for being assertive and communicating with clarity and precision with her peers.

Student of the Week: (September 20) Jackson Currier for using our "routine" chart and completing extra clean-up at the end of the day.

Student of the Week: (September 27) Seeley Cota for showing kindness to others to help them understand directions and complete tasks.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019


We are getting ready to begin our new school year!! We will all be working to adjust to some changes in our schedules and routines.  Working together, we will make this a great year!  

Most of Mrs. Vargo's communication about units we are learning and events coming up will be posted on this blog.  An announcement email will be sent to parents as these new blog entries are posted.  For parents who wish to have a paper copy, this will be sent home with your child.

Enjoy the last few weeks of your summer vacation!  

Thursday, June 20, 2019

May - June Congratulations!

May Principal's Lunch: Alex Bolio is a devoted friend.  He also has ideas to contribute to class discussions that encourage others to think more deeply.

Student of the Week: Violet Ksiazek (week ending 5/3) for helping a peer read and understand exit ticket questions in science.

Students of the Week: The entire class (week ending 5/10) for their persistence and flexible thinking through the SBAC sessions!

Student of the Week: Lyric Lague (week ending 5/17) for persisting as a mathematician showing a different math strategy to the class, working through the discomfort of others questioning and critiquing his thinking.

Student of the Week: Hailey Burt and Lily Langlois (week ending 5/24) for becoming strong leaders in our classroom and school communities.  Both remain open to continuous learning, asking clarifying questions, and caring about the quality of their work.

Student of the Week: Landon Romano (week ending 5/31) for showing enthusiasm in his learning and in his friendships.

June Principal's Lunch: Violet Ksiazek is sensitive and shows a strong sense of what it takes to build strong relationships.  She is able to communicate her ideas clearly to others, so everyone can consider her message for change.

Student of the Week: Sophia Gamble (week ending 6/7) for working interdependently in literacy, using a calm, positive approach to challenging moments.

Students of the Week: Nathan Dandrow and Landon Romano (week ending 6/14) for teaming up to clean SUPER nasty plant stains from the shelves.  Nathan made a fabulous suggestion to use a Magic Eraser that helped make miracles happen!