Sunday, October 8, 2017

5th Grade Math

The 5th graders have been practicing their multiplicative reasoning while using rectangular prisms and learning about volume and surface area.  The students have been learning and practicing various multiplication strategies when multiplying larger numbers, including the doubling/halving strategy and using "friendly" numbers (ie: 10, 20, 100).  We are also running an experiment as part of our Number Corner using fresh carrots, leaving them out in the open, and weighing them each day.  The students have been recording data which we will use to learn more about graphing concepts.

We are also having a 10 minute portion of our math class for Number Talks, which involves using mental math strategies and being able to verbalize the strategies used.  The students are encouraged to share multiple strategies for solving the computation problem in order to develop more flexible thinking using numbers.

Students in 5th grade are expected to know their multiplication and division facts through 12.  In class they have been using the Reflex Math online program to practice, as well as playing various math games involving factors and multiples.  Students can use Reflex Math at home as well, using the link on the Waterville Elementary School website.

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