Friday, November 27, 2015

More Bio Poems

The Woods

I am the deer nestled away in the brush.
I am a moose in the swamp eating
I am a biker biking in the woods
I am leaves rustling in the wind
I am the clouds in the blue sky
I am a football dodging trees
I am fun.


This is Me

I am the roaring of the sea
I am as creative as a human mind can be
I am the heart of a ragin fire
I am as powerful as a geyser
I am as peaceful as a butterfly
I am as nice as the sky
I am the sun so bright
I am the shining moon in the night
I am a morning bird chirping
I am a sneaky cat lurking
I am as warm as coffee
This is me.


I am an eagle soaring in the sky
I am a monkey swinging tree to tree
I am a cheetah hiding in tall grass
I am a bunny hopping bush to bush
I am a shark hunting for its prey
I am a person falling down and getting up
I am a lion fighting for its home
I am a bull charging powerfully



I am a singer of songs,
I am a dancer to music,
I am an actor,
I am a colorful flower,
I am thirsty for thunderstorms,
I am a brave jaguar,
I am a glistening star,
I am a tree swaying in the wind,
I am a wave crashing on the shore.