Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Chess by Greta

A few weeks ago, Kayley, Emily, Bailey, Elizabeth, and me went to Mrs. Torrey's group during skils. I really like going to Mrs. Torrey's group because we get to do fun games such as Othello, Forbidden Island, Dabble, and Set Cubed.  We walked down the hall and Bailey told me that if we could play chess, he would want to face me. I knew that he would win but I said "Okay!" We found Mrs. Torrey and she told us that she had set out three games in the Cougar Den, Chess, Set Cubed, and Dabble. Kayley and Elizabeth wanted to play Set Cubed and Emily was going to play Dabble with Mrs. Torrey. So that left Bailey and I to play Chess. "I call white!" I said.

   We set up the board and I moved the pawn in front of my king forward one space and then Bailey moved his knight forward. I moved the pawn in front of my queen forward and then I realized that there was a knight threatening each of my pawns.

   We went on like that for a while. First Bailey got both of my bishops and both knights because he got his queen out. I kept my rooks safe because I am good with my rooks. I find them the most useful pieces on the board besides the queen. Except, then I missed a chance to get his queen and then he got one of my rooks. He got my queen.

   Toward the end of the game, he had a rook and his king and a pawn and I had my king, and a few pawns. I brought the pawn to the end and got my queen back!!!!! Then his pawn was about to get to the end and get his queen so I zoomed over there right away. Finally I had to do something so it would be a tie because I could not do anything to get his king out or else his pawn would be promoted and he would get his queen back and I would be outnumbered. So the game ended in a tie. That was better that I was thinking!!!!!!!!!!

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