Thursday, February 5, 2015

Recess Rules

Here are the recess rules. Slides: Don’t push people down the slide, go down don’t climb up, wait for the other person to get out before you go down. Monkey bars: Wait for the other person to get off before you go, no climbing on top of the monkey bars , only go one way. Rock climbing walls:Don’t  stay on top, don’t jump off. Swings/Tire swing: Don’t jump off,if the person your pushing wants to get of or slow down you stop pushing or push slower. Teeter Totter: Don’t get off if someone is in the air because it can hurt them,do not purposely hurt someone by bumping their bum on the ground. Jungle gym: One at a time on both ladder things. Don’t sit in the tube. Be very careful on the spider web. Just use the tube for crawling through. Stop pushing on the tornado when someone asks you to. Hold on when you're on the tornado. Bicycle thing: Use both hands and feet. Those are the recess rules.


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