Monday, December 15, 2014

Fine print

We are working on pieces of writing to see if we can get them into the Fine Print magazine. We are editing them and trying to make them perfect so some of us may get in. This is my poem that I am making. I am not finished editing it yet but I will be done soon.

If you want to hear about winter,
You should listen hard,
When I tell you about the month,
When snow will cover your yard.

While the days get shorter,
And snow covers the trees,
We are building snowmen,
And feeling the winter breeze.

As we start to think about Christmas,
Sledding down our hill that’s steep,
Making tracks in the sparkling blanket,
That can be a foot deep.
Winter makes us cold,
So when we get inside,
We sip our hot Cocoa,
And our smiles get wide.

The excitement about Christmas,
Gets everyone awake,
So we go Christmas shopping,
‘till our shopping bags break.

We end in March,
When the snow must disappear,
We take off our coats,
And we know that spring is here.

The season is over,
So we just have to wait,
Until the next Winter,
So we can ice skate.

But meanwhile,
We can have fun,
Playing around,
In the Summer sun.

By Greta

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