Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Graphic Novels

Graphic Novels are awesome and I am going to tell you why I think they are awesome. Graphic Novels are very adventuristic books that have think bubbles, lots of amazing pictures, talk bubbles, and of course a topic. Sometimes they have lots of drama and maybe even a bunch of funny parts that make you laugh so much you just can't help it but run to the bathroom and then go back to your book and laugh some more. Hey guess what, when I sit down and read a Graphic Novel I read for hours and hours and then my eyes start to burn right out of my head. When I get to the end I start all over and it only takes me three hours to read a Graphic Novel (Depending on the amount of pages in the book and how fast I read it). One of my favorite authors is Raina Telgemeier. She is the author of the book Smile, Sisters, and Drama. Another of my favorite authors is Ben Hatke, he wrote the books Zita The Spacegirl,The Legends Of Zita The Spacegirl, and The Return Of Zita The Spacegirl. I could have read all of those Graphic Novels from 3:00am to 9:00pm if I read them all in a row head on. If you try to find a Graphic Novel and happen to find one you can read them all you want…….peace out!!!!!

Makayla M     

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