Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Skils project

I am doing a skills project about Spain and it has been very fun so far. Emily, Makayla, Greta, and Elizabeth are also doing one. I think everyone is having a good time doing it. I think some other people are doing it too. I am working on Spanish cuisine. I also have some really cool facts about Spain. From what I saw from pictures, Spain is very pretty. Emily is doing one on fireflies. She is doing a collage , I think it will turn out very nice. Makayla is doing Luna moths I don't know what she is doing for her project.Greta is doing a triceratops. In case you didn't know, a triceratops is a dinosaur. She is doing a report. Elizabeth is doing Rhode Island. She is doing a mobile.

                                                                              by Kayley        

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