Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Skills projects

For skills, some of us are doing projects. We are researching different topics. At the end we are doing a project like a poster or mobile. I am doing a report on the Triceratops, Kayley is doing a report on Spain, Emily is doing a collage about fireflies, Elizabeth is doing a mobile about Rhode Island and Makayla is researching luna moths but I don't know what she is doing for a project. Bailey, Ryder and Gabe are doing them too but I do not exactly know what topics they have because they just started a few days ago. Me and the other girls started earlier so we have to have ours done by Halloween. We are all doing really well and collecting lots of information. I have already started my report. I think that the Triceratops is really fun to learn about.  Kayley has learned a lot about the food that they have in Spain. It must be fun to learn about that because there are lots of things to learn about Spain. I wonder what Kayley will put on her report. We are gathering information on our chromebooks. Emily is ready to start her collage. She has lots of information. I wonder what a firefly looks like up close. Elizabeth has lots of facts and is almost ready to start her mobile. I think the mobile will look very good. Makayla is doing luna moths. I think that they are pretty. I  think it must be fun to become an expert on them. All of our projects will turn out great I bet.
                                                                                             By Greta

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