Saturday, January 13, 2018


Student of the Week: Hayley Bezio (week ending December 22) for being open to continuous learning, demonstrating wonderment and awe while completing her Genius Hour project.

Principal's Lunch: Andin Naugle (January) for having a strong Genius Hour question about magnets driving his new learning.  Even though his project didn't turn out as planned, Andin made a hypothesis for what the issue could be and how it might be resolved.

Student of the Week: Avah Rondeau (week ending January 5) for bravely joining our new class, patiently learning new routines and respectfully enduring Mrs. Vargo's mistakes!

Student of the Week: Ryan Farrand (week ending January 12) for showing wonderment and awe about topics he has been learning.

Happy New Year!

After a bit of a rough start back from vacation, this past week we are attacking the new year with refocused energy! The students looked at their goals from earlier in the school year, determining which one they really need to work at, and developed action steps to reach this goal.  As a class, we are re-visiting our class expectations and hopes, as well as reminding each other how to keep our Growth Mindset when we are feeling challenged.

For reading and writing, the grades 4-5-6 have started units focusing on the nonfiction genre.  We are looking at how nonfiction is structured and how that helps us as readers.  We are learning how to use nonfiction writing to gather evidence that we can use within opinion/argument essay writing.  Fourth graders will be learning about Vermont geography and history to later write an opinion essay about.  The fifth and sixth graders will learn about ancient governments and our current government, generating argument essays about these.

Monday, December 18, 2017

Holiday Happenings

Secret Santas: The 4/5 students have secretly chosen names for a gift exchange on Friday, December 22nd.  Students will participate in a school-wide craft hour this week, during which they will make a craft for their secret pal.  This will be the gift they exchange during our holiday party. 

Holiday Concert: Our concert will be Wednesday, December 20th at 6 PM.  Band members will meet in the library, while non-band members will meet in their classrooms.  Students should NOT be waiting in the gym before the concert begins.  

Class Holiday Party: Our class will have a little holiday celebration Friday, December 22nd from 1:30-2:15 pm.  Students will exchange their craft gifts and enjoy some snacks.  Parents of students who volunteered to bring in snacks have already been notified ... if you haven't been notified, have no fear! The other students will be asked to bring an item for Valentine's Day!

Ugly Sweater/PJs: On Friday, December 22nd, if your child wishes they may wear an ugly Christmas sweater OR they may wear their pajamas for the day.  

Fun at Chandler's Tree Farm!


Principal's Lunch for December: Lily Langlois for showing confidence in her own abilities, then striving for accuracy in her school work. Sophia Gamble for remaining open to continuous learning and being eager to do well.

Student of the Week: Zach Pretty (for week ending Dec. 1) for working to manage his impulsivity and strive for accuracy in his schoolwork.

Student of the Week: Lyric Lague (for week ending Dec. 8) for demonstrating politeness, caring, and respectfulness toward others.

Student of the Week:Madelin Crowley (for week ending Dec. 15) for thinking flexibly and working interdependently to help with shoveling.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Holiday Festivities

The weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas go by very quickly, especially with holiday events.  The students are preparing for their holiday concert, both in music class and in band.  As we get closer to the concert, the entire school will go to Chandler's Tree Farm to choose a Christmas tree for each of our classrooms, with the tree on display at the concert.  We will have class time spent making ornaments for the tree, as well as other holiday art projects.  

On December 22nd, in the afternoon (time to be determined) our class will have a holiday party with gift exchange and snacks.  Over the last couple years, the older grades have joined the younger grades' tradition of having a Secret Santa for the class gift exchange.  We have a special craft day, during which each student makes one of the special craft choices for their Secret Santa recipient.  These mini-sessions are run by each teacher to provide different choices across grades for the students. This is the gift that will be exchanged at our class party.  

Students have volunteered to bring snacks for our class party.  A note will be sent home to notify each family what this item is.  Some students will not bring something for this class party, but will bring something for a Valentine's Day party in February.  

These special festivities mean our class schedule becomes a bit less predictable on occasion.  Each student will practice their flexible thinking through these next few weeks!


November Principal's Lunch: Kacie Evans and Hayley Bezio for striving for accuracy in their reading work, working to apply new learning.  Both girls have shown clear and precise communication of their ideas.

Student of the Week: Dane Osborn (for week ending Nov. 3) for applying his past knowledge to our new learning about slavery and the Underground Railroad.

Student of the Week:  Madison Watson (for week ending Nov. 17) for striving for accuracy in her work and asking clarifying questions to better understand the information.