Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Personal Hygiene with Ms. Abby

The 4/5 homeroom spent a few minutes with Ms. Abby, our school nurse, talking about personal hygiene and the increased need as the kids are moving into puberty. Ms. Abby shared a handout and pamphlet with tips for the kids about how to keep their body clean and odor-free. These included regular showering, wearing clean clothes, brushing teeth every day, washing hands. She also handed out small deodorant samples the kids can keep in their cubbies or backpacks.

Friday, November 10, 2017

Writing Classes

The 4th graders have been working to write Realistic Fiction writing pieces.  They have worked from developing a strong character, creating internal and external characteristics, to planning their story using a story arc, to finally drafting the scenes of their story.  These students are working to type their stories and finalize edits/revisions for their published piece.  

The 5/6 writing class has been writing Personal Narratives, choosing a small moment with strong emotion from their own lives.  The students have tried out different strategies to make their story more interesting for readers, including details that help readers visualize the events as if they are their own.  Students have also explored using more complex punctuation and transitional phrases within their own writing.  The class is working to finalize their pieces, finishing their edits and revisions for publishing.

Monday, October 30, 2017


Student of the Week:  Konnor Lafountain (for week ending October 13) has consistently turned in homework assignments, completing them with care, quality, and thought.

Student of the Week: Odeliah Wade (for week ending October 27) for becoming more conscientious and responsible for homework and classwork completion.

Sunday, October 29, 2017

Little Buddies

The students in our homeroom have connected with the students in Mrs. Marcelino's 1/2 class to be Buddies together.  We are able to meet once each week.  Over the first few weeks, the students have worked together to create crazy monsters, read books, and create water paintings of fall leaves.  It is an opportunity for the 4/5 students to be role models to the younger students; making social connections and guiding them in the completion of projects/crafts.

4/5 Project Time

We have Project Time built into our schedule every Friday afternoon.  Students in the 4/5 homeroom have spent the last few weeks reading a book of choice, then writing a book review and creating a book project to go along with the book.  Students have been excited to work on their projects, creating dioramas, trioramas, and posters.  Each project shows some scene or theme from the books that were read.  This past Friday, October 27th, the projects and reviews were presented in a gallery walk, during which everyone was able to read each other's reviews and look at their projects.  Students were asked to give feedback to each other.  

Our next Project Time unit will begin this Friday, November 3rd, focusing on Genius Hour learning. Stay tuned!!

Water Bottles

Students in the 4/5 homeroom may bring in water bottles for use throughout the school day.  After several bottle incidents that have occurred in our room, students should NOT bring any glass containers.  Students may use these for water only; it is fine if they wish to drink juices for snack or lunch, however, these will not be kept out for drinking throughout the school day.    

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Book Fair

WES Scholastic Book Fair Oct 24-26

Please join us at the Belvidere Central School Gym for the Scholastic Book Fair. 
Hours are:
Tuesday 10/24  2:30-6pm
Wednesday 10/25 2:30-6pm
Thursday 10/26 2:30-7pm
Find our online book fair at scholastic.com/fair for more series, more book selections and more time through Nov 2nd