Friday, March 9, 2018

Student-Led Parent Conferences

Once again this spring, students in grades 4-6 will be involved with sharing their learning goals and progress with parents and teachers at their conferences.  These have been scheduled in Mrs. Vargo's room on Wednesday, March 21st from 3-7 pm and Thursday, March 22nd from 2:40-5:00 pm.  Students are required to attend as they will lead these conferences.  Time near the end of the conference can be set aside for a parent/teacher-only conversation if parents wish to have this. 

Call Debbie at the front office to schedule a time that works best for you!

Jon Gailmor Songwriting Sessions

With great excitement, we are looking forward to having Jon Gailmor work in our class Monday, March 12th - Wednesday, March 14th to write a song together!  The culmination of these days will have the students share their compositions with the community at a concert, Wednesday, March 14th at 6 pm.  Come hear their creativity!

Monday, March 5, 2018


Student of the Week: Lyric Lague (week ending Jan. 19) for working interdependently ABOVE and BEYOND to help Mr. Carleton chisel through the ice on our paths!

Student of the Week: Andin Naugle (week ending Jan. 26) for taking responsible risks in writing class to improve his skills.

February Principal's Lunch: Dane Osborn for showing wonderment and awe as we toured the State House, applying his learning to the legislative session. Odeliah Wade for gracefully showing willingness to strive for accuracy in homework completion to produce quality work.

Student of the Week: Noah Day (week ending Feb. 9) for coming back from a lengthy illness and persisting through math assessments.

Student of the Week: Kacie Evans (week ending Feb. 16) for consistently showing respect to others and having wonderment and awe so she can apply her new learning.

Student of the Week: Sawyer Thibodeau (week ending Feb. 23) for recognizing the Boxes & Bullets writing format outside of writing class and using this organizer effectively.

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Project Time

Students in grades 4-6 have just completed a unit within the project time on Fridays that involved making a product.  The students chose from a variety of project-focused sessions, including makers-space, cooking, making bird-houses, fitness, sewing, making duct-tape products, and movie-making. These four weeks involved a great deal of learning and applying previous knowledge, as well as taking responsible risks to maintain a Growth Mindset as they tackled challenges. 


Students in grades 4-6 have been working through a unit about writing opinion/argument pieces.  The students have learned how to use an organizer called "Boxes and Bullets" to state their thesis statement, then state reasons this statement is true.  Each reason includes 2-3 pieces of evidence to support their reason.  The 5/6 class has been learning to write an argument by withholding their personal opinion and gathering evidence that supports both sides of a focus question.  Then, they write their thesis statement based upon this evidence they have gathered.  The students are practicing using the "Boxes and Bullets" to write a piece related to their learning of Vermont symbols (4th grade) and governmental structures (5/6 grades).  Our visit to the Vermont State House put this learning into perspective by seeing it in real-life.