Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Grade 5 Math Update

Fifth grade mathematicians have been working hard with fractions, using models to understand multiplying and dividing fractions with whole numbers and fractions with fractions.  We have also spent some time being sure we understand ordered pairs and how to use a coordinate grid.  

We will be moving on to use the array model to show multiplication and division with decimals.  This unit will also continue practicing computation with fractions. 

Literacy Update

Returning from our April break, we have been having review and practice for the SBAC types of questions.  Students have been learning the content all year, but the format and expectations of the types of questions is sometimes a bit different, so we spend time being sure the students are comfortable with these.

Next week our literacy groups will begin an author study.  Each student has chosen an author, from several presented, to read at least 2 different books by June.  The students will notice patterns the authors may have in their writing, analyzing the author's purpose.

In writing, 4-5-6 are finishing their opinion/argument writing about the social issue they learned about in the previous literacy unit in Mrs. Vargo's and Mrs. Paquette's classes.  

Monday, May 6, 2019


Principal's Lunch: (March) Nathan Dandrow for showing consideration for others and being willing to offer help.  He has also shown efforts in being prepared for each part of his schedule.

Student of the Week: (week ending March 8) Landon Romano for showing interest in learning and applying new learning.

Student of the Week: (week ending March 15) Zachary Pretty for being open to continuous learning, problem solving ways to make parts of his day run more smoothly.

Students of the Week: (week ending March 22) Nathan Dandrow, Elise Drew, Zach Pretty, Alex Bolio, Lily Langlois, Annika Loucks, and Leland Naugle for showing responsibility for their own learning and communicating clearly at parent conferences.

Student of the Week: (week ending march 29) Violet Ksiazek and Sophia Gamble for working interdependently to find reading signposts in their Book Club.

Principal's Lunch: (April) Madison Watson has shown increased confidence in herself as a mathematician.  She is able to share her thinking clearly. 

Student of the Week: (week ending April 5) Tomas Bradford for showing increased independence and applying his learning.

Student of the Week: (week ending April 12) Madison Watson for finding humor in situations and lightening the mood in class.

Student of the Week: (week ending April 26) Hailey Burt for setting an intention to be a strong learner, applying her past knowledge and having a questioning attitude.

Too Long!

Apologies!  There are no excuses for not posting more about our class activities!  The craziness and imbalance of time and tasks to be completed.
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Sunday, March 10, 2019

New Literacy Unit!

The students have finished reading chapter books with complex characters, practicing using comprehension signposts to understand why the author created such characters.  They celebrated the end of their books by creating gameboards with group members.

Now we are moving on to a reading and writing unit about social issues.  In reading we will read realistic fiction books that include a variety of social issues.  Some of these books are historical fiction and will include some issues from our past.  The students will learn more about these different social issues by also reading some informational texts.  In writing, students in grades 4-6 will incorporate this learning into writing persuasive or argument pieces.

Student-Led Parent Conferences

Student-led Parent Conferences will be held Thursday, March 21st from 11:30-4:30 with Mrs. Vargo.  Please contact Ms. Debbie at the office to schedule a conference time.  Remember, your child needs to come along with you ... he/she will lead this conference!