Sunday, September 17, 2017

Homework Expectations

The fourth, fifth, and sixth graders have been given the new homework planners to keep track of homework assignments and other reminders.  Many students use these to make note of their sharing days, band practices, spelling words, sports schedules, etc.  In Mrs. Vargo's class, students write homework assignments and this is checked by Mrs. Vargo (or other teachers in the room) and initialed. Parents may also use these planners to write notes to the teachers or to indicate they have seen the homework assignments.

So far, the 4/5 homeroom have started with Reading Log homework.  Reading Logs are given each Friday; students return them the following Friday showing their reading.  Students are asked to read at least 5 times each work, for 20 minutes each time.  The students are then expected to complete the reading log, indicating the title of the book, the pages read, and a brief (2-3 sentence) summary of what they read that day.  Parents are asked to initial each day.  We completed a reading log as a class, so the students have a model of the expectations for this work completion.  

This upcoming week, the students in the 4/5 homeroom will begin having homework using their word study words to learn the spelling patterns for the week.  They receive their new words each Thursday of the week, with the assessment the following Thursday. The homework packet is given with the words, indicating the homework for the entire week.  Students are expected to practice spelling and sorting their words as needed throughout the week. We practice these word sorts at school as well.  On Mondays, students are asked to write "strong sentences" using 10 of their spelling words.  Strong sentences indicate the word's meaning and have details in the sentence (ex: "swimming" We enjoy going swimming in the lake at camp.)  On Wednesdays, the students have a review of their words to prepare for the test on Thursday, turning in the packets on Thursday.

We spend a great deal of time going over these expectations in class, repeating the expectations each week while the routine is being established.  Fifth graders will find the routine very familiar, and are often role models for the fourth graders.

Waterville Town Library

The Waterville Town Library is re-opened for business after replacing some windows and doors. The hours are Saturday 10-4 and Thursday 11-7, but times may vary. For more information you can contact Chrissy Wade at 730-4642 or


September Principal's Lunch: Lyric Lague for showing positive, respectful leadership with his classmates throughout the first two weeks of school and Konnor Lafountain for his willingness to work interdependently, being a leader with his various partners.

Student of the Week: For the week ending September 8th, Zach Pretty for working hard to learn our school expectations and routines, building rapport with the Waterville community.

Student of the Week: For the week ending September 15th, Hailey Burt for demonstrating maturity in working interdependently while we discuss class concerns and develop class routines.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Growth Mindset Guide for Parents

Our First Week of School!

The 4-5-6 team has had some new faces join us, while having some old friends move to other schools. Our 4/5 community has worked this week to learn and practice routines, helping new friends know what to do, while reminding each other how our school and classroom runs.  We also spent a great deal of time discussing our class values and the expectations to follow Waterville's PAWS (Put your best foot forward; Always respect yourself, others and the environment; Work together to solve problems; Safety at all times). Our classes have involved cooperative problem solving activities and getting to know one another.

Each student was given a special homework folder, designed for our school several years ago.  These folders are expected to go back and forth from school to home for important papers and homework assignments.  Students will also have homework planners in which assignments will be recorded each day.

Over the next couple weeks, we will move to follow our regular schedule, beginning the first units in each class.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

A New School Year!

As we come to a new school year, I have set some goals for my teaching.  The first is to improve my use of this blog to communicate with families! So, here is the first attempt! My hope is to have updated information about our classes on a regular basis.  I welcome gentle reminders if you don't see anything new for a bit! Wish me luck!!

Sally Vargo

Friday, November 27, 2015

Personification Poems


Like a moth to a flame for the beauty, the leaves dancing in the gentle breath of the Earth on a crisp autumn day.
A flower smiling up at the sun like a baby to his mother, the twigs snapping under the mighty force of a pack of wolfs like the playfulness of child jumping into leaves.


The river races down the stream quite quickly
but not as quick as me.

The wind whispers to me quietly
in the air and over the mountains.

The thunder booms loudly,
it laughs in the clouds.

The snow dances in the air
until it falls on me on the ground.


Bright red leaves are dancing in the sky whirling around to the ground, waiting for a little child to pick it up and the child’s mouth will open so wide with aw, that 2 frogs could fit in it and have plenty of more space to hop around.

The sun is shining in the sky, looking over everyone happy as can be. The fire on the sun is dancing around with a partner, making the sun even brighter every minute.

The wind is whispering in your ear, keeping you company while you trudge along the path to go to a friend’s house.

The moon is sad because no one is outside in the night for him to see. When he is sinking down into his big bed and while he’s sinking into a deep slumber, he see’s a small child waving at him and whisper, “goodbye moon.”


The Beach
The sun’s arms wrap around you
The wind calms you down
The sand tickles your toes
Your sandwich hides when a seagull comes near
Your towel helps you dry when you come out of the water
Your umbrella protects you from the sun’s rays
The waves fight against the surf boards
Conch shells hide, not wanting to be found
Your book interests you, telling you more and more stories



Clouds are racing through the sky,
Scared of the storm that is blowing by.

The trees shiver, as the wind starts to blow,
The cold night begins and the moon starts to glow.

The rain pours, harder and harder,
The house stands strong, being my guarder.

The leaves dance and swirl around,
The wind won’t let them touch the ground.

But by my fire, safe and warm,
I am protected from this storm.