Tuesday, January 1, 2019

5th Grade Math

The 5th grade math class has been working hard to use their previous knowledge of fractions, multiples, and factors to learn ways to add and subtract fractions with different denominators.  Students have learned strategies including using money fractions, using clock fractions, creating ratio tables, or using double number lines to add and subtract these fractions.  Students are also continuing to practice their understanding of multiplication and division facts to have strong multiplicative reasoning. 

The students applied their understanding of equivalent fractions to adjusting a recipe for oatmeal bars to have enough for the entire school.  They then made these bars, with help from Ms. Stephanie, who then served these at lunch!

The next unit involves understanding the place value of decimal numbers, being able to perform operations.

Literacy Update!

After finishing up our reading of historical fiction and nonfiction about Westward Expansion in the United States, the 4/5 class will return to reading realistic fiction, focusing on continued working analyzing characters and theme.  The students will read in small groups to practice these comprehension skills, writing responses about their reading.

In writing, the 4th - 6th grade students have spent a great deal of time reading nonfiction about Westward Expansion topics, working with a team to research and write a book about their learning.  The students practiced reading for important facts to then express their understanding in their own words.  The students will move on to learn techniques for narrative writing.


Student of the Week: Zachary Pretty (week ending October 26) for planning his parent conference in a very reflective way, sharing his personal insights about his progress and goals.

Principal's Lunch: (for November) Sophia Gamble and Hailey Burt for working hard in math class to apply their learning, working to communicate their ideas clearly.

Student of the Week: SaraJayne Sargent (week ending November 2) for being a great BIG BUDDY showing patience and modeling for her Little Buddy.

Student of the Week: Landon Romano (week ending November 20) for having flexible thinking as he's learning our routines and getting bus issues ironed out.

Student of the Week: Violet Ksiazek (week ending November 30) for thinking and communicating with clarity in literacy, discussing her understanding with the class.

Principal's Lunch: (for December) Landon Romano has maintained flexible thinking and finding humor as he has been learning our school routines and expectations  He has become a strong community member, making friends and contributing to the group.

Students of the Week: Madison Watson, SaraJayne Sargent, and Elise Drew (week ending December 7) for writing Spooky Sagas through a Scholastic contest that were chosen for publication in a Vermont book of stories!

Student of the Week: Nathan Dandrow (week ending December 14) for working on taking a difficult situation and turning it around to be able to learn.

Student of the Week: Alex Bolio (week ending December 21) for showing empathy toward another student, expressing sympathy about his Monday share.

Sunday, October 14, 2018


Students are preparing work samples and goals to share with parents at their conferences during October 23rd and 24th.  Parents need to be sure to schedule a conference time by calling Ms. Debbie at the front office.  The students MUST attend the conference as well.  Please be sure your conference time allows for your child to come along with you.

Literacy in Grades 4-5-6

The 4/5 class has been learning how to analyze characters in fictional books, looking at the character's actions and words to identify their character traits.  The students have also practiced using precise vocabulary when describing their characters.  Rather than just saying the character is "nice", it may be more specific to say the character is "thoughtful" or "considerate".  We will finish up this first unit to move on to reading historical fiction about Westward Expansion in the United States in the 19th century.

This reading will reinforce the writing unit all 4-5-6 students will be learning.  We will be moving on to learn how to take notes while researching a topic and eventually write an informational piece about a topic from Westward Expansion.  Students will work in teams to research their topics, practicing note-taking and gathering information from a variety of sources.

Spelling Bee Team

Congratulations to the Waterville Spelling Bee Team for great attitudes and effort at the Spelling Bee on October 9, 2018!  They worked hard and showed courage even when the nerves were strong!  They should each feel very proud of themselves!!


(Apologies for taking so long to post the September folks!!)

Principal's Lunch: (September) Zach Pretty and Leland Naugle for being honest and reflective of their own strengths and challenges in order to set a goal for themselves.

Student of the Week: (week ending Sept. 7) Lily Langlois for developing a plan for her little Buddies to best meet their different needs.

Student of the Week: (week ending Sept. 14) Hailey Burt for noticing that maintaining a sense of humor in math class is important when facing challenging work.

Student of the Week: (week ending Sept. 21) Konnor Lafountain for taking a responsible risk in trying out for the spelling bee team.

Student of the Week: (week ending Sept. 28) Annika Loucks for having metacognition about the "suitcase" metaphor in Tiger Rising, contributing to a strong discussion in class.

Principal's Lunch: (October) Elise Drew for showing extra effort to practice her responsibilities in 4th grade by using our Standard Operating Procedure charts.  She is careful in being sure she is prepared for the next part of her day.  Avah Rondeau for striving for accuracy in her school work.  She has been showing effort in applying old and new skills to her work.

Student of the Week: (week ending Oct. 5) Tomas Bradford for striving for accuracy in his reading, practicing to improve his skills and make progress. 

Student of the Week: (week ending Oct. 12) Sophia Gamble for applying her knowledge and taking responsible risks in math class.